2021 GT500 3.8L PAE Whipple Supercharger Package

2021 GT500 3.8L PAE Whipple Supercharger Package

This 2021 Shelby GT500 project nearing completion way on this 2021 GT500 Whipple Superchargers 3.8L install in the shop. First thing on this project after the Whipple, we are adding a VMP Performance 30% lower to the build to reach our goals, to be able to maximize belt wrap. Next is switching to E85 and a Lund Racing tune, coupled with a set of Injector Dynamics 1700s. To finish out the fuel system, we’re adding a Fore Innovations, LLC GT500 triple pump.

With this combination, we have several upper pulley sizes to choose from, for all of the horsepower and boost! Stay tuned!

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